Alexandra Park Junior School will provide an ambitious, high quality, well-planned, broad and balanced curriculum which inspires, challenges and safeguards all our children. We use the National Curriculum as a starting point but our curriculum goes beyond this and encompasses creative, cultural, technological and sporting opportunities in a cross-curricular way. We also include the ‘hidden’ curriculum: that the children learn from the way they are treated and expected to behave.
It is designed to give all learners, particularly the most disadvantaged, the knowledge, skills and cultural capital they need before they leave us to succeed in life. Our promotion of enrichment gives an equality of experience to all children so that all can achieve and exceed their potential. The whole curriculum has been carefully planned and sequenced progressively to ensure every child has the sufficient knowledge and skills for future learning and future employment. These are published on the website for each subject. We encourage our children to be aspirational and promote this through our enterprise week and opportunities to speak with professionals to support them in making informed choices about their future.
We aim to ensure that all our pupils grow to be;
* Successful learners – who enjoy learning, make progress, achieve and have a thirst for learning;
* Confident individuals – who are able to live safe, healthy and fulfilling lives;
* Responsible citizens – who can work cooperatively with others and make a positive contribution to

Curriculum Policies

Curriculum Policy 23-24

Teaching and Learning Policy 23-24

Progression of Skills for Each Subject Area                                    

Art and Design


Design Technology








Reading skills


Spoken Language


Subject Overviews



Reading       | Reading Curriculum Offer

Writing         | Writing Curriculum Offer

History        History Curriculum Offer

D&T               |  D&T Curriculum Offer

Geography    |  Geography Curriculum offer


Long Term Plans
Year 3
Year 3 Autumn 1 2023-24
Year 3 Autumn 2 2023-24
Year 3 Spring 1 2023-24
Year 3 Spring 2 2023-24
Year 3 Summer 1 2023-24
Year 3 Summer 2 2023-24
Year 4
Year 4 Autumn 1 2023-24
Year 4 Autumn 2 2023-24
Year 4 Spring 1 2023-24
Year 4 Spring 2 2023-24
Year 4 Summer 1 2023-24
Year 4 Summer 2 2023-24
Year 5
Year 5 Autumn 1 2023-24
Year 5 Autumn 2 2023-24
Year 5 Spring 1 2023-24
Year 5 Spring 2 2023-24
Year 5 Summer 1 2023-24
Year 5 Summer 2 2023-24
Year 6
Year 6 Autumn 1 2023-24
Year 6 Autumn 2 2023-24
Year 6 Spring 1 2023-24
Year 6 Spring 2 2023-24
Year 6 Summer 2023-24

Medium Term Plans (To be confirmed)

Medium term plan Y3 SUM 2

Medium term plan Y4 Sum 2

Medium term plan Y5 SUM 2

Medium term plan Y6 SUM 2

Knowledge Organisers

Y6 Writing Knowledge organiser

Y6 Maths Knowledge organiser

Y6 DT Knowledge organiser

Y5 Writing Knowledge organiser

Y5 PSHE Knowledge organiser

Y5 Geography Knowledge organiser

Y4 Writing Knowledge organiser

Y4 Science Knowledge organiser

Y4 PSHE Knowledge organiser

Y4 Maths Knowledge organiser

Y3 Writing Knowledge organiser

Y3 Science Knowledge organiser

Y3 PSHE Knowledge organiser

Y3 Maths Knowledge organiser

Y3 DT Knowledge organiser

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