Statutory Policies

Please find all statutory policies

Admissions Policy 24/25

British Values Policy

British Values at Alex Park

Packed lunch policy 2022

Bereavement Policy – Alexandra Park Junior School Sept 2021

Suspensions and Exclusions Update Final Version August 202 2

Suspension_and Exclusion Policy_202223

Supporting pupils with medical conditions

Special_Educational Needs and Disabilities

Pupils_with Additional Health Needs Attendance Policy _202223

Protection of biometric information of children in schools

Primary_Relationships and Health Education Policy

Premises Management Policy

Physical_Intervention Policy_202223

Health_and Safety Staff Induction Handbook_20190314

Grievance Policy 2021

Governors’ allowances

First Aid Policy

Expectations for Learning policy September 22

Equality_Information and Objectives Statement

Disciplinary Policy 2021

Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy 22-23

Capability Policy 2021

Behaviour Principles Written Statement


Accessibility_Policy 202223

Also see policies on our Safeguarding page

The Pinnacle Learning Trust Policies and Statutory Information


The Pinnacle Learning Trust was established through a long-standing, strong and effective relationship between The Hathershaw College and Oldham Sixth Form College, with Werneth Primary School joining in February 2019, Broadfield Primary joining in April 2023 and Alexandra Park Junior School in April 2024.

We are committed to our mission of improving lives and life chances at every level, creating extraordinary opportunities and significantly improving our children’s and young people’s chances to make progress, achieve and go on to succeed in the lives and careers they want and deserve. We are committed to raising aspirations and achievements across all our academies, through the development of outstanding practice and collaboration and as a result of continuously learning from one another.

Our Trust has an Oldham focus and all our academies are at the heart of the communities they serve. Together, we are a crucial part of the wider Oldham community.  We understand our communities well, and work closely with a wide range of partners in the town and beyond.  We also have a reputation that goes well beyond the town.

Below are Trust specific policies, that affect all academies, as part of our Pinnacle family:


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