Pupil Premium 2023-24


Pupil premium is funding to improve education outcomes for disadvantaged pupils in schools in England. Evidence shows that disadvantaged children generally face additional challenges in reaching their potential at school and often do not perform as well as other pupils.

The menu is designed to help schools use their funding effectively to raise the attainment of disadvantaged pupils.

The format of the menu reflects evidence suggesting that pupil premium spending is most effective when used across 3 areas:

  1.     high-quality teaching, such as staff professional development
  2.     targeted academic support, such as tutoring
  3.     wider strategies to address non-academic barriers to success in schools, such as attendance, behaviour, and social and emotional support

The Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) recommends that schools particularly focus their pupil premium on supporting high-quality teaching.

Schools must show how they’re using their pupil premium funding:

  • by publishing a statement on their website about how they use it and the impact it has on the attainment of disadvantaged pupils
  • through inspections by Ofsted
  • through published performance tables

Virtual school heads demonstrate to Ofsted how they’re managing pupil premium for looked-after children in their virtual school annual report.

APJS – Pupil Premium Strategy Statement 2023-25


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