Whole School Events

Whole School Events

Important Online Safety Message 2020

As the Christmas Holidays are approaching I wanted to remind parents about safe use of the internet. Please always monitor what websites your child is on as there are a lot of hidden dangers in the online world. Please also monitor the amount of time your child is on the internet through the computer, laptop or iPad. Over usage can have a detrimental affect on your child. I have attached a few links that gives you more advice about keeping your child safe.

Oldham Athletic visit 12 March

We were joined by Oldham Athletic players Mohammed Maouche and Johan Branger-Engone. The children were wowed with their skills and energy, ahead of our children joining the team at Saturdays game and getting to play on the pitch! They finished by signing autographs and signing our school pledge to kick racism out of sport…

Word Parade whole school events 28 Feb

Here were some of the best costumes from the Word Parade!

Book week, reading 6th March

Bookweek, making costumes – 5th March

We enjoyed making our costumes on Thursday afternoon.

Ian Bland – Poetry

We loved our visit from poet Ian Bland. Take a look at some of our work AND see our amazing costumes from the vocabulary parade.

Compilation video of the children performing their poems

[vimeo 395145883 w=640 h=360]

Singing Square – Spring

Here are some highlight videos from Singing Square in Spring 1.

[vimeo 395142195 w=640 h=360]


Safer Internet Day 2020.

This year Safer Internet Day took place on Tuesday 11th February 2020. This years theme was “Free to be Me”. The pupils were taught the importance of creating a positive online identity In this week’s computing lessons. The pupils took part in a lot of activities. They created an online Identity wheel as well as taking part in this years Hack Space Competition. Well done to everyone for the super effort in class this week.  Below are some pictures of pupils taking part in activities and the fantastic prize that some of them won for super effort and learning in class.

Strider – 10 Feb 2020

We had a visit from Strider the Walk to School mascot. Everyone was excited to see him and it renewed push for walking to school. Remember two active journeys a week will earn you March’s walk to school badge!

Staying healthy – Health Champions.

Mr Clarke reminded us the importance of staying healthy, with some help from his health champions.
Yesterday’s assembly around mental health, We focused on our health message – happy me. Talking about the importance of quality sleep, speaking to others, being active amongst many things.

Choral speaking

Performing their #choralspeaking poems this morning. Well done class 5 and class 12 who will be going through to the choral speaking festival at Oldham Coliseum Theatre.

January travel tracker

We have our January Travel Tracker badge results avaliable! To celebrate some children decided to enter the Design a Badge competition to see if they could win prizes for our school. If they win, their design will be made into a badge for next years travel tracker users.

These are the badge winners this month. Remember, the children had to walk to school at least twice a week every week to get their January badge.

Class 1 – 23 badges awarded
Class 2 – 22 badges awarded
Class 3 – 22 badges awarded
Class 4 – 21 badges awarded
Class 5 – 21 badges awarded
Class 6 – 26 badges awarded
Class 7 – 21 badges awarded
Class 8 – 28 badges awarded
Class 9 – 26 badges awarded
Class 10 – 0 badges awarded
Class 11 – 0 badges awarded
Class 12 – 29 badges awarded

Year 3 – 96% of journeys were active
Year 4 – 90% of journeys were active
Year 5 – 91% of journeys were active
Year 6 – 96% of journeys were active

Special mention to Y4 who were the best at consistently recording their journeys on Travel Tracker. Big big well done to class 6 who managed to record 98% of their journeys this month!


Class 9 and Class 12 buddied up to have a go at creating a piece of artwork inspired by the French artist Mattisse. He was well known for painting with scissors, cutting shapes out and assembling them into pieces of artwork.

Year 5 also learnt the song The Music Man as part of their french lessons, naming instruments in French.

[vimeo 386203027 w=640 h=360] [vimeo 386202745 w=640 h=360] [vimeo 386202837 w=640 h=360]


Singing square

Here is the latest singing square video – Autumn 2

[vimeo 386206107 w=640 h=360]

Children’s Mental Health Week.

The week commencing 12th January is Children’s Mental Health Week. We have shared the powerpoint with the children in assembly and will be displaying this poster around school. Please try to take time to look at the poem with your children. The children will be given the Spreading the World Activity Sheet as their homework at the end of the week.

2019 Children’s Mental Health Week Presentation

Children’s Mental Health Display Poster

Healthy Inside and Out with Unique the Unicorn Poem

Sports assembly and Sports wall

Christmas production

Travel tracker – Autumn second half term 2019

Well done everyone for their hard work this half term. We’ve been tracking your journeys on Travel Tracker for December and here were the badge results! Remember in January you need at least two active journeys a week to earn your badge!

Class 1 – 28 badges awarded
Class 2 – 29 badges awarded – The whole class!
Class 3 – 29 badges awarded – The whole class!
Class 4 – 30 badges awarded – The whole class!
Class 5 – 25 badges awarded
Class 6 – 27 badges awarded
Class 7 – 28 badges awarded
Class 8 – 27 badges awarded
Class 9 – 28 badges awarded
Class 10 – 30 badges awarded – The whole class!
Class 11 – 22 badges awarded
Class 12 – 19 badges awarded

This month we had
Year 3 – 88% active journeys
Year 4 – 89% active journeys
Year 5 – 93% active journeys
Year 6 – 96% active journeys

In total 92% of our school journeys were active! Well done everyone

Zak road safety zebra – 10th Dec

We welcome Zak the Road safety Zebra to our school last week. He reminded everyone about the importance or being active and safe on their way to school. He even joined our dance club for some exercise.
[vimeo 379983031 w=640 h=360] [vimeo 379983067 w=640 h=360]

Dragon’s Den – 5th Dec 2019

Well done to everyone on their amazing work during Dragon’s Den Week / Enterprise Week. While Year 4 were ultimately victorious with their Fair Trade Bath Bombs, Year 3’s Christmas Cards, Year 5’s Slime and Year 6’s buzzer game were all amazingly well thought out products. Thank you also to our five dragons: Mr Widall (Chair of Governors), Mrs Liddy (Business Manager), Keiran Wilkinson (Hack Space/Koderl.y), the Youth Mayor and our parent governor.

Aspiration Day Feedback

Look at this amazing feedback from our visitors!

Aspirations day – 2 Dec 2019

We had a fantastic day at our aspirations day! We had twenty five visitors in school and had plenty of jobs to choose from. Take a look!

Travel tracker

Well done to those people who got their November Travel Tracker badge! Here’s an update on our statistics!

Year 3: 53 badges awarded
Year 4: All of class 4! 45 children in total
Year 5: 84 badges awarded. All of class 9!
YEar 6: All of class 10!

YEar 3: 92% journeys were active
Year 4: 95% journeys were active
Year 5: 88% journeys were active
Year 6: 98% journeys were active

School total: 93% journeys active
62% children walked to school
1% cycled to school
30% park and strided to school

Remember in January we are raising the challenge by setting your target to at least 2 active journeys per week.

Aldi PE Stickers

We have finally done it with the help of local schools (Horton Mill & PE Hut) we have collected all the stickers needed to claim our kits and a chance to win £20,000. Cant explain the impact this will have on our children.

Armistice day – 11th November

We created some poppy wreathes for remembrance day. We also had a 2 minute silence at 11 o clock to remember those people who lost their lives.

Be Internet Legends – Parent Zone

Alexandra Park Junior School had the pleasure of Parent Zone teaming up with Google to deliver a “Be Internet Legends” assembly. The whole of KS2 learnt how to Be Sharp, Be Alert, Be Secure, Be Kind and Be Brave. Thankyou Parent Zone. What a fantastic interactive and fun way to learn about such important issues our children face in today’s fast moving world!!!

BBC Children in need Danceathon

Class 9 took part in the BBC Children in Need Danceathon. Take a look!

[vimeo 372596097 w=640 h=564] [vimeo 372596114 w=640 h=564] [vimeo 372596141 w=640 h=564] [vimeo 372596158 w=640 h=564] [vimeo 372596191 w=640 h=564]

Interfaith week

This week has been Interfaith Week. Check out what we looked at in assembly and what we did in class! You could even try out wordsearch at home for yourseld!

Interfaith week assembly

Rabi-Ul-Awwal assembly 7 Nov 2019

The whole school celebratrate Rabi-Ul-Awwal on Friday in Relax Kids time. They had a look at this powerpoint, talked about the importance of the festival and listened to some important nashids to celebrate.


Singing square

Here is the latest singing square video

[vimeo 371351411 w=640 h=564]


Living Streets

This month we have been taking part in the Living Streets Walk to School challenge. As part of the challenge we need to make at least one active journey each week. That means we have to walk, cycle, scoot or park and stride our way to school at least once per week. If we do this we collect a Living Streets badge! There are 10 to collect. Here are some of our Class 9 children with their badges. 200 badges were given out for October!

Halloween party – 24th October

We had a fantastic time at the (early) Halloween party! Check out our fabulous costumes.

School games gold award

Anti hate week – 17th October

These are some pictures of our children celebrating Anti Hate Week. Thank you to everyone that came in red on Friday and made a donation to the children’s chosen charity, SOPHIE.

Anti hate week assembly – 14 October

The Mayor and the Youth Mayor came to visit us to launch our Anti-Hate week! The mayor spoke about what we are doing within Oldham to stop hate. CLT interviewed the Mayor and found out lots about her opinions.

Bags of Hope

Miss Noshad has been working hard to collect items for our bags of hope. Thank you to everyone who has donated. To add to our bags, the children made cards to hopefully make a child (or adult) smile.

European Day of Languages – 27 September 2019

Everyone had a fantastic day celebrating the European Day of Languages on Friday 27th September. Mrs Giles shared some brilliant videos in her assembly. You can watch them here:

We had posters around school to help us say hello in different languages. We had a special menu. There was a treasure hunt on the playground and we had a go speaking different languages in a taster lesson. Year 5 practiced some Italian. They played a game of splat where they had to splat the Italian word on the board quicker than their parner!
Everyone took part in a homework task and the best will be on display in school.


[vimeo 364983250 w=640 h=564] [vimeo 364983185 w=640 h=564] [vimeo 364983152 w=640 h=564] [vimeo 364983118 w=640 h=564]


Living Streets Walk to School

We are taking part in the Living Streets Walk to School year challenge.Check out this youtube video to inspire you to walk to school.

If you would like to see more information please check out the below documents or check out the Living Streets website.

Park & stride letter

Badges Autumn




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