SEND Policy

Special Educational Needs and Disability Policy 2016 – 2017

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At Alexandra Park Junior School we are committed to ensuring that all of our children achieve their full potential. We aim to increase learning, inclusion and participation and minimise exclusion for all our learners. We work hard to remove any barriers that may be affecting learning and aim to provide them with the support they need to progress and achieve to their potential. However, we understand that all children learn at different rates and that some children need more personalised support.

At Alexandra Park Junior School we believe that all children should have access to a learning experience that takes into account specific individuals needs. All children, including those with SEND, have the right to and have access to an education that is broad, balanced, relevant and creative. All learners’ individual needs are met through High Quality teaching and learning opportunities and supported by suitable provisions and interventions if necessary.

The SEND policy is written to comply with the 2014 Children and Families Act and the SEN Code of Practice, along with the Equality Act 2010.


The aim of our Special Educational Needs Policy is to ensure that:

• We identify and assess children with SEN as early as possible.
• All procedures for identifying children with SEN are known and understood by everyone.
• We provide differentiation within a balanced and broadly based curriculum, in a way that supports children with SEN.
• Records relating to SEN follow the child through the school, which are clear, accurate and up to date.
• We raise staff awareness of and expertise with SEN through INSET.
• We work in partnership with parents.
• We maintain close links with the support services and other professionals and agencies.
• All children are given access to the curriculum at an appropriate level and that each child’s learning and achievements are maximized at every stage of their primary school career.
• There is adequate resourcing for SEN.


We use our best endeavours to provide special educational provision for pupils for whom this is required, that is ‘additional to and different from’ that provided within the differentiated curriculum to better respond to the four areas of need identified in the new Code of Practice (September 2014).

• Communication and Interaction
• Cognition and Learning
• Social, Emotional and Mental Health difficulties
• Sensory/Physical Needs

Assess, Plan, Do and Review

When providing support that is additional to we follow the Assess, Plan, Do, Review four stage process.

High Quality Teaching

At Alexandra Park Junior School we have high expectations for all children and believe that all children should have access to a learning experience that takes into account specific individual needs. High Quality Teaching is a whole school approach in providing a curriculum to help all children to learn and achieve to their potential through strategies and differentiated tasks and outcomes for all children.

Teachers use a variety of teaching strategies to ensure that all children can fully engage in and access each lesson. The child’s class teacher will carefully monitor all children’s progress, highlighting any gaps in their learning or understanding and they may decide a child needs some extra support to help make the best possible progress. If a pupil is identified as having SEND, we will provide support that is additional to the differentiated approaches and learning arrangements normally provided as part of high quality personalized teaching, intended to overcome the barriers to their learning. This support is set out in the whole school provision map.

School Support

If when the above is reviewed and a child is still not making the excepted progress and the child may need some extra specialist support. The SENCO will contact relevant professionals from outside agencies such as the school nurse, QEST Team Oldham, Speech and Language, Educational Psychologist. We will only contact outside agencies with parental permission which will allow specialist professional people to work with the child to understand their needs and make recommendations as to the ways the child is given support.

Person Centred Review Meetings

Person Centred Reviews take place with the SENCO, Class Teachers, Parents/carers and any outside agencies that are involved with the child/family. As a result of the meeting we set SMART outcomes for the child and actions to help achieve the outcomes put into place.

Statutory Assessment

When submitting a request for statutory assessment, school provides evidence of support and interventions for the child. The evidence shows that despite continued support and intervention, over a period of time, there has been limited success. This includes:

• Levels in core subjects
• A record of review meeting and outcomes
• Supporting advice and assessments from outside agencies e.g. Educational Psychologist
• Views of child and parents/carers
• The school’s provision made to support the child.

Whilst the child is awaiting assessment, support will continue to be given.
Parents/carers can also make a request for assessment if they believe that their child has needs, which will not be met through interventions.

The Local Authority will inform parents/carers and school if a statutory assessment will be made within six weeks of the request.

Education, Health Care Plan (EHC plans)

• When a child is issued with an EHC plan, the SENCO co ordinates review meetings to discuss outcomes and ongoing actions.
• EHC plans are reviewed annually by relevant staff and professionals, parents/carers. A report is completed and sent to the authority. The outcomes are monitored on a termly basis.
• Parents have the right to state their preferred choice of school.


At Alexandra Park Junior School we will track learner’s progress regularly and accurately. Every learner will know how he or she are doing and understand what he or she needs to work on to improve. Class teachers and support staff will use their best endeavors to enable ALL children to make good progress. Every teacher will be equipped to make accurate judgments of pupils’ achievement and attainment, understand the concepts and the principles of progression and use assessment judgments to forward plan.

The Pastoral Team at Alexandra Park Primary School

Any enquiries or concerns about an individual child should be addressed in the first instance to the class teacher. Other enquiries can be addressed to Hayley Varley – SENCo . Please make an appointment with the school office if you with to speak to the SENCo.

There is a named SEND governor – Mr Peter Widall. His role is to over see that the school meets the statutory obligations of SEND.

This policy should be read in conjunction with:

SEND Information Report

Disability Access Plan

Equality Policy

Assessment for Learning Policy

Teaching and Learning Policy

Assessment Recording and Reporting Policy

Agreed By Govenors and Staff – October 2016

Next Review – September 2017