Policy Created 07/12/2016


This school will do all that is possible and reasonable to safeguard the children attending it. We will put into place clear policies and strategies to ensure the safeguarding and welfare of pupils especially those relating to child protection, behaviour, bullying, safe recruitment of staff, health and safety, harassment and discrimination. We will meet all our statutory duties to the highest standard. The governing body and all those who work here will put the safeguarding of pupils as their highest priority to ensure that all children are free to learn without worry or fear of harm.


• To keep learners safe and healthy
• To care for and protect learners from harm and to identify concerns at the earliest possible stage.
• To establish clear management strategies in relation to child protection
• To have all statutory policies and additional policies in place to ensure that safeguarding needs are met efficiently and effectively.
• To ensure that all adults in school are appropriately recruited and vetted in line with DCSF guidelines.
• To ensure that all governors and those working with children are properly trained for safeguarding children.
• To make all children aware of the procedures that they must use to report any concerns or complaints concerning their health and safety.
• To work in effective partnership with relevant agencies to promote the health and safety of learners.


• We will have in place all relevant designated staff and governors to meet our responsibilities for child protection.
• We will monitor evaluate and review all policies on a regular basis to ensure that they are up to date and that they meet all statutory requirements for safeguarding.
• We will use and apply the Recruitment Policy for the appointment and recruitment of all adults working with pupils in this school.
• We will provide supervision, guidance and opportunities for regular, up-to-date training for all adults in this school.
• We will give all children easy access to an appropriate adult who will listen to any concerns or complaints that they might have about their health and safety.
• We will take reasonable action make the school site safe and secure by checking and monitoring visitors and anyone else using the premises or grounds.
• We will liaise and work closely with the LA, social services, police, Area Child Protection Agency and any other relevant support agency at all times and especially when a child’s health or safety are at risk.
• We will keep records and information relevant to safeguarding concerns clearly and accurately and share it with relevant agencies.
• We will teach pupils how to keep themselves safe and show them how to deal sensibly with risk when using equipment, in outdoor activities, on visits and in sport and physical activities,
• We will teach home safety, road safety, railway safety, safety when with adults and safe use of the internet.


In this school children will learn how to keep themselves safe and healthy. The education and support that we provide will give children the self-confidence they need to ensure that they can look after themselves and keep themselves safe and healthy. It will be a safe place where risks are kept to a minimum but it will not become a prison nor will we attempt to keep children wrapped in cotton wool. We will give children space and room to grow and develop with a balanced perspective of the importance of their health and safety without making them fearful and concerned. In life there is always an element of risk, and whilst accepting that, we will do all that is reasonable and possible to keep children safe

Revised and adopted by the Governing Body.

Mrs Irene Barratt is responsible for safeguarding and child protection.

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