At Alexandra Park Junior School we oppose any forms of racism or racist behaviour. We believe that all children have the right to the best possible education.

Racist behaviour is defined by the Commission for Racial Equality as ‘any hostile or offensive act by a person of one racial or ethnic origin against a person of another racial or ethnic group.

What is racist behaviour?

• Physical assault because of colour and/or ethnicity.

• Derogatory name-calling, insults or racist jokes.

• Ridiculing of an individual for cultural differences.

• Refusal to co-operate with other people because of their ethnic origin.

Raising awareness of racism through the curriculum

• Help children to deal with being a victim of racism and being aware of what racism is through use of drama and role play.

• Anti-racism day .

• Clear statement that racism is not acceptable in our school.

• Children to be encouraged to inform staff whenever they feel they are being a victim of racism or see racism taking place.

• Counselling for victims of racism and those showing racist behaviour.

• School Council to work with children who are being racist or who are victims of racism
Questionnaires to analyse and combat racist issues.


Children will be given a red card and this will be recorded on the appropriate form in the class Inclusion files – including names of victim and child being racist. Conflict resolution will take place and monitored. Parents will be contacted and informed of the incident.
Regular monitoring in upper and lower year group meetings will be carried out (of red card incidents) and teachers will share good practice how to come up with strategies to support any teachers/children needing additional support.

If the behaviour continues appropriate outside agencies will be contacted and support will be given to enable the child to improve their behaviour, social and emotional needs.