Mrs Irene Barratt – Headteacher Governor

Alexandra Park Junior School provides a secure and happy environment.

Our focus is in providing high quality teaching and learning. We aim to encourage your child to become a confident learner and develop the skills and attitudes that will enable them to succeed both at school and in adult life.

We believe that a partnership between children, staff and parents is the key to success. If you would like more information about our school please pop in or telephone the school to make an appointment. I will be very happy to show you around our school and discuss your child’s education.

1st January 1980
Business Interests: None

Pecurinary Interests: None


Risk Assessment.
First Aid.
Safeguarding Prevent – Police, DfE and Ofsted led/NAHT.
WRAP – Prevent. Workshop Raising the Awareness of Prevent.
Insulin training.
Positive Handling.
Preventing Radicalisation Training.


Local Safeguarding Children’s Board – ‘Working Together to Safeguard Children/2days (2015-2016).
Pupil Premium Conference.
Ofsted training. Residential.
Mastery of Maths.
LA/NAHT meeting Vexatious Complaints.
Local Authority ‘Keeping in Touch’.
Governors Ofsted Training.
Safeguarding Audit tool.
HR Conference.
Oldham Leaders Conference: Sue Hackman Former Chief Adviser on School Standards to the DfE.
Health and Safety Management.
Safeguarding Training LA network.
Local Safeguarding Children’s Board Serious Case Review Training.

12 Mar 2014 – Attended
7 May 2014 – Attended
9 Jul 2014 – Attended
8 Oct 2014 – Attended
19 Nov 2014 – Attended
18 Mar 2015 – Attended
13 May 2015 – Attended
8 Jul 2015 – Attended
18 Jul 2015 – Attended
14 Oct 2015 – Attended
27 Jan 2016 – Attended
16 Mar 2016 – Attended
18 May 2016 – Attended
13 Jul 2016 – Attended
12 Oct 2016 – Attended
7 Dec 2016 – Attended
16 Dec 2016 – Attended
Attended: 17