At Alexandra Park Junior School all forms of bullying (including cyber-bullying) will not be tolerated and all incidents will be taken seriously. Our aim is to teach children that they are responsible for their own actions and that if they do anything wrong they must accept responsibility to put things right so that conflict reconciliation can take place. Concentrating on solutions.

Definition (Gov.uk and NSPCC and CHILDLIKE)

Behaviour that is repeated and intended to hurt someone physically or emotionally (being called names, teased or humiliated, pushed or pulled, kicked, physically hurt, threatened or intimidated.


Children will be given a red card and this will be recorded on the appropriate form in the class Inclusion files – including names of victim and bully. Conflict resolution will take place and monitored. Parents will be contacted and informed of the incident.

If 3 incidents occur during half a term the class teacher will complete a concern form where concerns and strategies already undertaken will be detailed.

If the behaviour continues appropriate outside agencies will be contacted and support will be given to enable the child to improve their behaviour, social and emotional needs.